The tents are 20 m2 + a small terrace. Each tent has a double bed or two single beds.

While we recommend that the tent be used by 2 people to make the experience comfortable; it is possible to add an additional bed for adult or child at an additional cost.

All tents include linens, towels and toiletries. Please bring your own swimming towels if you want to go to the beach. Our breakfasts are buffet style as the dinners. Our facilities include a toilet with a chemical water discharge system and a shower with a hot water tank. If you have specific food requirements and due to the limitations of being in a remote place within the island, we ask you to check with us about your requirements before booking. We will always try to help you whenever we can but, we cannot guarantee that we can meet all your particular needs.

The Tapati Full Experience program that we offer includes airport transfers and excursions to different attractions on the island. In addition, we have transfers at specific times to the town of Hanga Roa (7 minutes away from Glamping). There is also the possibility of renting vehicles to explore the island, and even take taxis from the town to the Glamping.

Please bring a head torch, sun block, hat, beach towel, and bottle of water, and comfortable outdoor clothing. The island is subtropical so it is advisable to wear a waterproof jacket and pants when it rains.

Not all places where we go have to pay by credit card; bring cash. We offer a limited selection of beverages in the camp during meals, and in the case of dinner, this includes a selection of wine, a selection of beers and minerals.

The excursions of our menu are all easy, so anyone with a minimum physical condition can enjoy them. They are walks in flat geographies and some with a little slope. We have optional excursions for trekking, diving, horseback riding, etc. that require a greater degree of physical condition.

While there will always be vegetarian options for our vegetarian guests, we regret that due to the location where we operate and the kitchen facilities, we cannot meet specific requirements for guests.

We will have a selection of cold drinks and snacks available for sale.

As a courtesy to our fellow guests, we request that no music be played in the camps. The Lounge and Restaurant will have music for guests.