It’s an innovative experience of glamping and ancestral festival in a unique destination.

Live a unique experience in Rapa Nui, the first Pop-Up nomad glamping that decides to be present at the 2019 Tapati Festival, choosing one of the most privileged areas of Easter Island, surrounded by nature, with incomparable views of the Pacific and natural areas that invite to connection and relaxation.

Open only at 2019 Tapati Festival (February)

Our Tapati NomadGlamp is part of a totally innovative and surprising trend in the field of lodging. The pop-up, fleeting and nomadic hotels have an expiration date and their location changes. It is precisely in these characteristics where our charm resides, as well as in the surprise factor. On this occasion we choose to be present at the Tapati cultural festival on Easter Island, which takes place in the month of February of each year.

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From the absolute comfort of one of our Siebley tents fully equipped with all the benefits of a good hotel for the rest and relaxation, you can perform all the activities offered by Rapa Nui and Tapati Festival, including excursions, trekking, cultural activities, yoga, massages, etc.